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About Elizabeth

Photos by Elizabeth started in the 80's with the desire to share the beauty of nature and animals with people from all walks of life. This desire has expanded throughout the past two decades, and today Elizabeth's signed photography can be seen in galleries, homes, businesses, books, and in gift departments of fine stores though out the northeast. Her photo of the 'Old Man Of The Mountain' once hung in the Governor's office of the New Hampshire State House.

How Elizabeth Started

Fall Foliage Photography

In 1990 Elizabeth decided to expand her photography to include commercial art and special events, including weddings, corporate functions, and special projects. This has led to her work being produced in color, black and white, sepia, watercolor and colored pencil. In addition to her work for a variety of individuals and businesses, she has joined with her husband to support his marketing firm. Her husband, a former professor of marketing and financial comptroller, has for 26 years offered a variety of marketing services, including market and product analysis, planning, sales training, advertising and budgets.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Mississippi. Living and traveling in the south with family and friends she gained a deep appreciation of nature. This appreciation continues to expand with her look at New England through the eyes and stories of its inhabitants.. Today she lives in New Hampshire with her husband, three daughters and eleven grandchildren.

Photos by Elizabeth offers fine photography for Weddings, Special Events, Product Photography, Sporting Events, Church or Organization Member Books, and Contract Photography.

Tel: 603-225-0563 or cell # 603-661-0046


We hope you enjoy her photos.